The Server that Pays You

Meet ServerCube

The Server That Pays You!

ServerCube turns the datacenter model "upside down"
by putting high-powered computers,
called SC Devices, into residential homes, using the 
electricity and internet already there.

These SC Devices use GPU mining to generate cryptocurrency
into a large common pool of which 15% is paid to
SC Coin holders monthly.

And the homeowner, or SC Host, who takes care of the
SC Device is also compensated.

WATCH: Sunil Singh, ServerCube CEO, talk about the
Benefits of the Distributed Swarm Network Model

Sc connect

Proprietary Middleware Secures Transactions

SC Connect is a dynamic middleware layer that shares encrypted data with counterparties outside of the
ServerCube P2P network.

It runs smart contracts independently from Blockchain protocols, secures transactions across public & private Blockchains & support fiat currency transfers as well.

ServerCube Connect ensures that SC Coin holders receive their weighted 15% payout of the global ServerCube mining pool
in crypto or fiat.


Home Set-Up is Fast and Easy

Our patent-pending ServerCube Devices are delivered directly
to a resident's doorstep.

Simply plug-and-play to connect the Device to the SC Network and global mining pool.

A ServerCube is made for the home. It runs on residential electric and internet. It is cool and fairly quiet and requires little maintenance.

Devices are replaced every 12-18 months to continuously optimize GPU crypto mining yields.


Contributing Towards Universal Basic Income

Everyday people can also be part of the ServerCube community by "hosting" a ServerCube Device in their home.

Hosts are responsible for Device uptime -- keeping them connected to power and the Internet. For that, they receive a monthly stipend to help pay for utilities and
“a little something extra.”

The actual amount depends on their location. In the US, that is currently projected to be about $250 a month.

In parts of the world, this extra cash helps people start earning a Universal Basic Income.

WATCH: Sunil Singh, ServerCube CEO, talk about
Why People Should Benefit More from Technology

leasing solutions

Lease a ServerCube Device and Mine at Home, with No Risk

ServerCube is also offering a limited amount of devices for anyone new to mining and risk-averse, or who is a non-accredited investor, in the form of a pre-paid
ServerCube Miner lease. 

Lessees earn 65% of SC Miner yields every month from the
SC Device in their home, using their home electricity and 
internet connection. 

The full lease amount is guaranteed in crypto at the end of contract term.

long-term value

ServerCube's Value Extends to BaaS

At scale, the power of ServerCube’s installed, distributed network will rival the largest super computer and enable next generation IoT management as well as BaaS
(Blockchain as a Service) revenue streams.

Any application that requires high-performance computing muscle such as Virtual Reality (VR) modeling and deep learning AI, can be run efficiently on the ServerCube network.

ServerCube will continue to be profitable long after crypto mining is over and that’s how SC Coin holders will continue to earn a weighted 15% share of a global revenue pool
based on running SC Devices.


Unique Opportunities for Accredited Investors

 Accredited investors may elect to
receive 55% to 65% of the crypto asset generation from a dedicated number of ServerCube Devices -- thereby creating their own mining and revenue generating
“sub-pool" by making a larger SC Coin purchase.

Private investors, venture capitalists, and angel investors who have invested a minimum of $500,000 in the ICO have the opportunity to convert their SCC on a one-to-one exchange for ServerCube equity shares.

This could occur at an upcoming Initial Public Offering (IPO) or Merger & Acquisition.

WATCH: Sunil Singh, ServerCube CEO, talk about
Multiple Ways Investors Can Benefit

sunil singh

CEO / Founder

Sunil G. Singh has 20+ years of healthcare enterprise IT management. He has an innate understanding of how global enterprises work and what is needed to achieve scale and profitability.

Sunil believes hopes ServerCube becomes the world's largest computing platform and a motivator of social uplift.

Jesse W. Brown

COO / Blockchain Architect

Jesse W. Brown is ServerCube's Chief Operations Officer/Blockchain Architect. Previously, he was the CTO at Patientory and Blockchain Solutions Architect Consultant at the Ford Motor Credit Company.

Jesse believes cryptocurrency can reshape how wealth is generated and value distributed, globally, through decentralized high-powered swarm computing.

Kelly O’Brien

Marketing Officer

Kelly O'Brien is a veteran of Madison Avenue ad agencies, where for over 20 years, she created communication strategies for clients in technology, telecomm, healthcare, and education.

Kelly has a passion for technology and its potential to create marketing advantage for businesses and more meaningful experiences.


Country Lead, India

Anuj Mathur earned his MBA in Healthcare Services. He has been involved in managing and providing healthcare facilities to reduce suffering by developing new treatment techniques.

Energetic and entreprenurial, Anuj is looking forward to leading with ServerCube.

Justine Glennfelix


Justine has in-depth knowledge on marketing operations, both strategy and execution.
His experience has given-him many techniques to explore new community-focused campaigns, to reach masses of people within the Crypto space.

Arianna Gray


Computer engineer with a Master Degree in Information Technology, working in InfoSec as a security software engineer. Crypto and InfoSec enthusiast, with a passion for new technologies and innovations.


Turkey Country Lead

Betul has worked in international trade and expo programs representing Turkey in multiple countries for a decade.
Her expertise in motivating and organizing teams as well as coordinating large scale projects involving many stakeholders will be beneficial


The Server That Pays You
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